Here’s an ever-expanding list of my articles and media appearances.

Labour have said they don’t want my vote. So where am I supposed to go now? – New Statesman
Nick Clegg: not the best, not the worst. Just what we’re stuck with – New Statesman
Tweet “in solidarity” if you want, but don’t kid yourself it changes anything – New Statesman
Memo to David Cameron: I have all the incentives I need to stop being ill. It’s called “being ill” – New Statesman
Why it has to be Jeremy Corbyn for me – New Statesman
As a young Labour voter passionate about Corbyn, please don’t patronise me – The Observer
Nice try, David Cameron, but sickness can’t just be rebranded into unemployment – New Statesman
Jeremy Corbyn’s first week: ‘it was easy to be charming as a backbencher’ – The Observer
No, IDS, welfare isn’t a path to wealth. Quite the opposite, in fact – New Statesman
You Aren’t Entitled to an Opinion on My Chronic Illness – Huffington Post
100 Days of Jeremy Corbyn: from Jez We Can to Jez We Might – New Statesman
The DWP thinks that work will make me well – but it doesn’t work like that – New Statesman
It’s great that Emma Watson is standing up for feminism – but #HeforShe is the wrong approach – New Statesman
Celebrate Iain Duncan Smith leaving, but don’t let that distract from the mess he’s left behind – New Statesman

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28/10/2015 BBC Two Victoria DerbyshireControversial study claims M.E. can be helped by counselling

14/08/2015 BBC Radio 5Live Breakfast – Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership contest
21/08/2015 BBC Radio 2 Vanessa Feltz in for Jeremy Vine – Labour’s rejected supporters
21/08/2015 BBC Radio 4 The World at One – Labour’s rejected supporters